I am excited to let you all know we will be starting classes the week of September 19th at our new location: 103 N Main Street, Aurora, in what used to be the Ace hardware building, next to the Aurora Community Center. In addition to the parking on the street and along side the building, you may park in the Community Center parking lot!

We will be having a dance wear sale on Friday, September 16th at the new building from 2:00-6:00pm. For those of you who haven’t sent in your registration forms yet, feel free to bring them in then!
New Students: No need to buy leotards, tights, and shoes for new students right away. He/she may wear anything they can move in (stretch pants, shorts, swim suit), hair pulled back off the face, and barefoot (preferably no socks, we will be jumping and I don’t want anyone to slip!)! After a week or 2, if the child wishes to continue, dance wear should be purchased 🙂

I will be having another dance wear sale a couple weeks after classes start.

Tuition is due the first week of classes. New students, however, may have a 2 week “trial period” before paying tuition.

Just a few notes about Urban Hip Hop:
The Urban Hip Hop class, which is on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 for the time being, is optional for students in the 4th Grade and up. Once we get a feel for who’s interested in the class, we may change times/ separate the class into 2 classes. This class is open to anyone 4th-12th grade, and do not need to be taking other Legacy Studio classes to attend!
Hip Hop Dress code:
*Sweatpants or athletic pants that cover the knees. Ground work will be done occasionally, and legs should be covered at least over the knees to prevent floor burn/scrapes.
*Clean sneakers (jazz shoes are acceptable, but but may limit some movements, so sneakers are preferred). The bottom of used sneakers should be cleaned thoroughly with water and a scrub brush to remove any dirt, salt, and gravel. Shoes used for dancing should NOT be worn to and from dance, but put on in the dance room or locker room. Gravel, dirt and salt can severely scratch and damage our special and expensive new dance floor 🙂

We are eager to get started at our new location, but the building is still being renovated so please excuse the mess!


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