Dress Code


Girls: One-piece leotard and tights. Ballet skirts are permitted. 4th grade and up may wear dance shorts for tap and jazz if they wish. Please, no baggy or basketball shorts.

Students in Teen classes may wear other dancewear that has been approved by Miss Kasie, and must be tight fitting (no baggy tshirts!) so body lines can be seen. If inappropriate dance attire becomes an issue, the whole class will be required to wear a leotard, tights, and skirt only, so keep it appropriate!

HAIR should be pulled back securely off the face and neck in a bun-type style. Hanging ponytails and braids are not permitted for the safety of the students. Hanging hair may swing and hit dancers in the eyes when turning.


Boys: Black pants (no jeans) and a plain T-shirt.

For the safety of the students, necklaces, dangling earrings, and bracelets are not permitted in class.

If students attire does not follow the dress code, the student may be asked to go change, or asked to sit out and not be able to participate. 

Dance shoes: The proper ballet (pink for girls, black for boys), tap (black) and jazz (tan) shoes may be purchased from the studio in between classes.

Dance shoes are not to be worn outside, as it will ruin the shoes and our special dance floor. Dance shoes and dancewear should be transported in a bag and should be marked with the child’s name on the inside to prevent mix-ups.

Street shoes are not allowed in the studio, as they can damage the dance floor.

Dance classes available for students preschool to high school seniors