Legacy Competition Line


*Dancers in the 3rd grade and up who have had at least 2 years of previous dance training will be invited to audition to join the Legacy Competition Team this season!

  • Dancers must be currently taking ballet and tap classes from Legacy Studio of Dance.
  • Members of the Legacy Competition Line will be accepted by invitation after a successful audition.
  • All last year’s Line members must attend this year’s audition to determine placement if they still intend to be on the line. (Exceptions may be made if discussed with me privately prior to the audition.)
  • Please come to the auditions with the intention of following through on joining. Some of my decisions on placement depend on how many dancers I want in a specific dance.
  • Students on the Legacy Competition Line must decide to commit to the line, that it will be their FIRST priority, and will take precedence over ANY OTHER ACTIVITY. Only 3 absences are allowed through the year, and only 1 performance may be missed (I must be notified of the missed performance no less than 1 month in advance, so adjustments to choreography may be made). Any more absences will result in being excused from the line for the remainder of the season.
  • Being on the competition line is EXPENSIVE.  There are a lot of expenses, like hotel rooms, dance entrance fees, costumes, and possibly new dance shoes, so please consider the financial expenses before auditioning. We will be doing fundraisers for the competition line, but the fundraised money only goes toward entrance fees of group dances and occasionally costumes that the Line will re-use in the future. There is also a 1-time fee, which includes all group practice times, and the competition line makeup (eye shadow, eye glue, fake eyelashes, blush, lipstick).
  • There will also be no parents allowed in the dressing rooms at competition (until after all dances have been performed), therefore students need to be comfortable with getting themselves ready, asking for help from their teammates, and helping/looking out for each other. We will practice doing the makeup in class closer to the competitions so students can get comfortable with it. I will also be in the dressing room helping, but line members will really need to help each other out as a team!
  • This year, the competition line will be split up into 3 lines: the Junior Line and 2 Senior Lines. During the audition I will decide with which group each child best fits in, and which will most help the student’s growth as a dancer.
  • The Junior Line will be attending 2, possibly 3 competitions, one which is typically towards the end of April, and a 3 day dance workshop and competition in mid-July. If I decide to add another competition to the Junior Line’s schedule, you will be notified at least 2 months in advance. The Junior line will practice every Thursday from 8:00-9:00 (yes I know it’s late for some of the younger ones, but some competitions run late also, sometimes well past 10pm, so students need to be able to do their best at any hour!).
  • The Senior Lines will be attending 3, possibly 4 competitions: One in April, and one in mid-July. I have not decided on the other competitions. The Senior line practice will be Sundays, 1:00-2:00 for one group, Sunday 2:00-3:00 for the other senior line.
  • Dancers who have been on the Legacy Competition Line for at least 1 year prior are welcome to do additional duets, trios, and small groups. Students wishing to do an extra dance must get it approved by me, and must schedule a studio time with me no later than December 18th, 2016. Because of the large number of extra dances, I will not be choreographing everyone’s entire solo/duet again this year. Students must come to their individual scheduled studio time prepared with how they want the dance to start, where they want the song cut/faded, an idea of how they want it ended, and a list of movements they would like in the dance.
  • Solos will be assigned to students by invitation only, when I think the student is ready.

Dance classes available for students preschool to high school seniors