Policies & Procedures


Students are expected to come to class ready to learn! I expect respectful behavior towards both teachers and fellow dancers. If a student cannot abide by these guidelines, they may be asked to sit out or leave the class for the day. If unacceptable behavior continues, the student may be excused from class permanently.

Holiday Breaks and Cancelations 

The only scheduled holiday breaks are:

Thanksgiving   November 21st-27th

Christmas           December 19th – January 1st

Easter                  April 16th

These are the only scheduled breaks. If classes are canceled for any other reason you will be notified.


If your public school is canceled or dismissed due to bad weather, dance will be canceled as well. If your public school is canceled for any other reason, there will still be dance!


Students MUST attend all of their scheduled classes. Students will be excused in case of illness, family vacation, or bad weather. The missed class may be made up within 2 weeks of the absence. A refund will not be provided for classes not attended, so please make every effort to attend all classes! A make-up schedule will be posted on the bulletin board. Students will NOT be able to make up classes once we start working on the choreography for the recital.


The Role of Parents:

All parents are asked to be supportive and positive in regards to their child’s dance education. I put great thought into the class placement for each individual student in both their class level and competition level, but I am available to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s placement, just not during class time. Keep in mind that I have every student’s best interests in mind, and want each and every one of them to succeed! I take time to carefully place each student where they are most likely to improve, also taking the other classmates’ personalities and learning styles into consideration.

Dance classes available for students preschool to high school seniors